1- wash the windows, these can easily be over looked and get very dusty and dirty. Wash them down the warm soapy water. Your stable will look so much brighter and cleaner all ready.

2- Remove cobwebs. You don’t realize on a day to day basis how many cob webs there are in your stable. Get a long handled brush and brush them all away. My advise wear a cap, you don’t want any spiders falling on your head!

3- Tidy the aisle in front of the stable. Nothing makes it look more untidy than a load of clutter. Sort through and only keep  what you really need there. Put everything else neatly in the tack room. 

4- Put up hooks to creat extra storage.  You can hand head collars, lead rope and a hoof pick. Put a rail up to hang rugs so they can dry, only keep out the ones you use on a day to day basis,  any other that aren’t in use clean and dry them and place in storage bags in your tack room ready for when you need them. 

5- Give your stable a really thorough cleanout. Remove all the bedding and rubber mats and if possible use a power washer and a good disinfectant to really get it clean. Scrub the mats and let them dry out before replacing them. Clean all your buckets and hay nets. If you’re really going for it a lick of paint will have it looking super clean and sparkling. 

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