Support and Guidance for new and first time Horse Owners.


Are you Struggling to find your dream horse? , does it feel like a minefield out there and you don’t know who to trust?

Have you recently brought your first horse and now are trying to navigate your way through horse ownership?

Do you find your nerves get the better of you and your lacking in confidence that is preventing you from enjoying horse ownership?

You have come to the right place

I have a degree in Equine behavior and training. Over ten years of experience working as a horse dealer, and have run a successful Horse transport company. I can pass on all I have learned, to give you the knowledge to feel confident in your horse buying quest.

You are not alone

throughout my career, I have been really affected by nerves. I couldn’t understand how I was so nervous to do something I loved and had dreamed of for so long. Over time I have developed many strategies for overcoming my nervousness. I can use this to help you feel confident in your ability and learn to enjoy your time with your horse.

How can we help

The New Horse Owners Support Network aims to teach others the knowledge I gained from buying and selling horses.

To help people find their perfect horse with as little stress as possible and to avoid making costly mistakes. I made many mistakes over the years as a result soon learned how to avoid making them again.

Through this community we aim to bring together like-minded people, facing the same struggle. Through a mixture of learning platforms create the most amazing experience so you can hit all your equestrian goals, grow in confidence, and really enjoy your horse ownership journey.

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